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this week in tech july 12 2024

This Week In Tech News | July 12

Happy Friday! Let’s take a moment to distract from the scorching Summer temperatures by talking about something else hot – this week’s tech news!  

this week in tech june 21 2024

This Week In Tech News | June 21

This has been another exciting week in tech with lots of news, both good and bad, announced. This week’s news is especially intriguing if you’re


Ransomware Threats in 2024

Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts files or entire computer systems, demanding payment for a decryption key. It exploits vulnerabilities through methods like phishing emails

Employee Spotlights

Employee Spotlight: Mary Coster

On this month’s employee spotlight, we get to learn a little bit about Mary Coster, a Project Coordinator/Manager at Applied Tech. All around, Mary loves

Three IT Service Techs Working together at desks in office

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