Employee Spotlight: Meet Mikaela Norgard

This month, we are excited to shine the employee spotlight on Mikaela Norgard, a Systems Technician based in Fargo, North Dakota. Mikaela’s journey in the tech world started with diverse experiences, from bartending in a local downtown bar to teaching music theater to K-12 students.

Mikaela’s educational foundation was laid in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, where she graduated from Kennedy Secondary High School in 2014. She furthered her studies at Minnesota State University of Moorhead, earning her degree in 2018.

Before joining Applied Tech, Mikaela explored various roles, including an IT internship at Lake Region Healthcare. During this time, she discovered her passion for technology, and interestingly, her dad and college friends were her colleagues, making lunch breaks a family affair.

Since joining Platte River in 2019, which later merged with Applied Tech, Mikaela has excelled as a Systems Technician. In her role, she addresses and troubleshoots technical issues reported by clients. Mikaela’s strength lies in her problem-solving abilities and technical expertise. She collaborates seamlessly with her colleagues, ensuring that our clients’ infrastructures run smoothly.

One of the aspects Mikaela enjoys the most is the opportunity to solve complex technical problems. She utilizes tools like MS Teams, fostering effective communication within her team. This collaborative spirit ensures that every challenge is met with innovative solutions.

Outside of the tech world, Mikaela’s interests are as diverse as her skills. From tennis and pickleball to downhill skiing and surfing, she embraces every adventure. She is also an avid angler, finding solace in fishing and sailing. Her furry companion, Dory, a three-year-old Golden Retriever, shares her love for outdoor escapades.

Growing up, music played a significant role in Mikaela’s life. She fondly remembers her choir and band experiences, including marching in the presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. Her admiration for her Grandma Carol, the heart of her family, resonates deeply. It’s her grandma’s caring nature and selflessness that Mikaela looks up to the most.

In her happiest moments, you’ll find Mikaela in Western North Dakota during hunting season, embracing the tranquility of her family roots. If she could be anything, Mikaela dreams of managing and constructing tech for Broadway productions. Her favorite superhero, Iron Man, embodies the innovation and determination she admires.

A childhood aspiration to be a zookeeper or an aquarium scuba diver highlights her adventurous spirit, rooted in curiosity. Mikaela lives by the motto: “Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable,” a testament to her punctuality and commitment.

We are honored to have Mikaela Norgard as a part of our Applied Tech family. Her dynamic skills, coupled with her enthusiasm, continue to elevate our team, making her a valued asset in our pursuit of technical excellence.

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