IT Security

Protect your customers’ data and your business with a suite of IT security services.

Benefits of IT Security Services

Gain Peace of Mind with Comprehensive Enterprise-Level Security

You need the latest tools to defends against current threats.

We take our own cybersecurity very seriously. Our customers depend on us to keep their networks and users safe from cyber threats. We can only do that if we first keep ourselves safe.

That’s why we always think security first. It is built into every service we offer. With Applied Tech guarding your cyber gates, your team can focus on business, not protecting the moat.

We Need Protection

60% of Small Business Victims of a Cyberattack Go Out of Business Within 6 Months

Companies worldwide that experienced spear phishing attempts in 2019
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Amount of properly protected data folders in the average company
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Business leaders that feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing.
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IT Security Services

Protect Your Business with a Layered Approach to Security

Cybersecurity requires more than a silver bullet.

You’ve seen the headlines. And likely read the stories. Businesses are increasingly under attack from hackers.

There are steps you can take to significantly reduce your risk of attack. 90% of security incidents are the result of human behavior. Work with an experienced IT security partner to both train your team and install the right tools to protect your business.

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Security Risk Assessments

Discover where your business may have vulnerabilities, define priorities to reduce risk and establish a baseline upon which to measure continual improvement.

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Strategic Planning

Focus on the 3 areas you need to keep your business secure – prevention, detection and response.

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Proactive Prevention

The best line of defense is to keep bad actors out. That requires effective tools, rigorous processes and employee training.

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Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining compliance is increasingly difficult in our current high threat environment. A strong managed security services program can improve your ability to achieve technical level compliance.

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Disaster Recovery/Business Continuation

The ability to quickly recover your data and recreate your network environment may mean the difference between survival and success.

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Incident Response

The odds are that many businesses may still be the subject of an attack. Responding swiftly to a security incident is essential to contain any potential damage.

“Applied Tech has helped allow our people to work remotely…and do it securely which is really important given the healthcare space we’re in and being subject to HIPAA oversight.”

Paul Meyer

COO, The Alliance

Featured Case

Large Healthcare Insurer Focuses on Mobility and Security

Watch the video to learn how The Alliance has partnered with Applied Tech to ensure their increasingly mobile workforce remains both productive and secure.

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Put Security at the Center of Your Technology Plans

We always take a security-first approach with our business and those of our clients. Prevention is our highest priority which is why our core services already include a high level of security measures.

When prevention isn’t enough, detecting and responding are essential to getting your business back up and, well, taking care of business.

Make Security Central For Us

Keep All of Your Systems Up to Date

Software services, including security, can degrade over time if not maintained and actively kept up to date. These updated services often include new features and capabilities than can benefit your business.

Updates also patch potential security holes that prevent hackers from accessing your network and valuable company data through known vulnerabilities.

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The threats are serious and ever evolving, Put the proper, effective measures in place to protect your business and your own peace of mind.

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