Employee Spotlight: Nick Tesi

This month we are shining the employee spotlight on one of the outstanding members of the Applied Tech team, Nick Tesi. Nick brings a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set to his role, making him an invaluable asset to our organization.

Nick’s journey to his current position as vCIO and Account Manager at Applied Tech is nothing short of remarkable. His career path has included various roles such as a Programmer, Systems Analyst, Account Manager, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Director of Application Development, Business Owner, Board of Directors, and Business Coach. This extensive professional background has equipped him with a unique perspective that he now brings to his role. He advocates for our clients, ensuring they receive the best IT services and products from Applied Tech to help their businesses thrive.

In addition to his impressive career, Nick has had some rather interesting experiences. For 12 years, he served as a Level Telemark Ski Instructor, sharing his passion for skiing with others. He also spent 9 years as a Search and Rescue Dog Handler and Trainer and 10 years as a coach for Special Olympics (Winter) and Mountain Bike Little League. While Nick may not have a favorite superhero or a single living person he most admires, his passion for skiing fresh snow is his own kind of superpower. It’s a reminder that life’s simple joys are often the most rewarding.

Hailing from both Boulder, CO, and Washington D.C., Nick indulges in skiing and enduro motorcycling, finding solace and exhilaration in these outdoor pursuits. He’s an avid reader, with “Quantum Supremacy” by Michio Kaku and “Tribe” by Sebastian Junger among his favorite books. When it comes to movies, Nick’s choice is “Field of Dreams,” a classic that embodies the spirit of aspiration and achievement.

At home, he shares his life with a loyal companion, his pet dog Ripple. A fun fact about Nick is that his parents immigrated from Florence, Italy to the United States in the late 50s. They are the only family in their family tree that lives outside of Italy.

We enjoyed getting to know Nick a little more and are happy to have him on the Applied Tech team!

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