Zoom Security Tips

Zoom has become ubiquitous with companies that rely on their workforce to work from home. The rise in popularity of Zoom has made Zoom meetings targets for hackers. Zoom released a white paper outlining recommended security measures you can take to protect your company and meetings. Below are some highlighted features that can keep your conversations confidential.

  • Use One-Time use Zoom Meeting Codes – This obscures regular meetings codes.
  • Utilize Waiting Rooms – Only allow in who you know.
  • Lock a meeting once all participants are present.
  • Email Zoom Meeting IDs rather than a link to a meeting – Real looking links are often used by hackers to deploy malicious payloads.

Additionally, here are some helpful guides for using Zoom:

This is by no means a comprehensive look into Zoom security but a few simple things to be aware of that will prevent the vast majority of hacker attempts.

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