Healthcare IT Services

Improve performance and protect patient data with IT services for healthcare.

Overview And Benefits

Deliver An Enhanced Experience With IT Services For Healthcare

Make technology work for you and your patients.

Stay ahead of HIPAA and give patients what they need with IT services for healthcare that address security, data management, workflows, and experience — for your patients and your staff.

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Improve Patient Experience

Add telehealth and cloud-based patient engagement tools to make it easier for patients to connect with you and your staff.

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Secure PHI and PII

Protect patient health information (PHI) and personal identifiable information (PII) with layered regulatory security services.

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Streamline Data Management

Optimize records and data management by improving access and digital data exchange using the latest applications that automate numerous processes.

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Simplify Payment Processing

Take online payments and eliminate common obstacles for patients with streamlined payment processing and invoicing systems.

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Comply with HIPAA

Adhere to the complex standards and laws HIPAA, CMS, and JCAHO assign with HIPAA-compliant technologies implemented with IT services for healthcare.

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Attract and Retain Employees

Give your staff a reason to choose your organization — and a reason to stay. Improving your IT experience helps patients, staff, and your business operations.

Reduce Risk With Manufacturing IT Services

Healthcare data breaches of 500 or more records in 2020 according to the Hipaa Journal.
Of individuals in the U.S. have concerns when their health information is electronically exchanged.
0 %
Of physician offices in the U.S. have modern patient engagement capabilities.
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Of individuals track health care charges and costs using digital technologies.
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“Applied Tech has helped us navigate the move to a remote workforce in a secure manner, which is really important given our healthcare space and HIPAA regulations and oversight.”

Paul Meyer

COO | The Alliance

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Adhere To HIPAA. Use Our ROADMap.

Understand your HIPAA Compliance Posture from a technology perspective with our continuously updated living document — your ROADMap.

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Protect Patient Data During Storage, Access, And Transfer

Average cost of healthcare data breach rises to $7.1M according to IBM.

Delivering better medical care to patients means collecting more data — it’s simply in your patients’ best interests. And that same data is far more profitable to criminals than you might think. In fact, medical records go for about $250 each on the black-market, compared to about $5 for a credit card number.

Give your organization and the patients you serve confidence in your security posture by using IT services designed for healthcare institutions.

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Deliver Enjoyable Experiences To Patients And Staff

Remove ‘technical difficulties’ from your vocabulary.

Modernize your infrastructure with cloud-based applications that deliver effective experiences for your patients. Make it easy to pay your bill, not harder, streamline appointment scheduling, and help patients access the care they need with IT services for healthcare.

Your employees will thank you, too. By eliminating error-prone manual processes and offering self-service so the phone lines aren’t on endless holds, you will improve the daily work experience for your staff — improving your retention rates.

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Enhance Medical Care Delivery With IT Services For Healthcare

Use healthcare IT services to modernize and advance your applications and systems — helping give patients the medical care and experiences they deserve.

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