TechCare 360 Security

There are many organizations that are required to provide proactive security measures in addition to analysis tools that can review all network activity looking for behavior that is out of the norm.  Today, there are numerous regulatory bodies that require organizations to comply to security regulations like NIST, PCI, GDPR and SOX. These are stringent rules designed to protect your organization’s data and your customer’s data.

Applied Tech’s 360 Security package is designed to meet the requirements of these industry regulations.  The package contains the following:

The driving force of the TechCare 360 Security package is the Annual Security Assessment.  This process will provide an all-encompassing look at your security policies, operations, training and technology.  This assessment provides you a detailed review and recommended action steps to pursue to help you continue to improve your security stance.  This is critical to meet the intent of all of the industry regulatory bodies. 

Mobile application management is critical to manage all of your mobile user’s access to organizational data.  As an example: When a user leaves your organization today, do they have organizational emails on their phone or tablet?  How can you get them back? In many cases, the answer to these questions is “I don’t know”. Mobile application management allows you to secure company and personal devices and the data that is sent to them.  This is critical to keeping organizational data secure.

A SIEM tool is extremely import for two reasons.  The first is to proactively watch network traffic continuing to investigate abnormal behavior and improving your security practices.  The second is to have a tool to investigate what things a hacker may have done after a breach occurs. While all network devices have logs, the logs wrap quickly in time and it is nearly impossible to correlate all of the device logs together to get a true picture of what is happening with the use of a SIEM tool. 

TechCare 360 Security is a ongoing service to manage and monitor your security tools.  This is a great proactive approach to protecting your organizational data and reputation.  We recognize that each organization is different and we can make sure these tools are configured to meet your needs.

Contact Applied Tech to get more information about how we can help your organization meet the requirements of your specific regulatory demands.