Total Security Approach

Security should be a major part of any technology plan.  When most people think about technology security they think of hackers.  While that is a big part of the picture, business owners should step back and think about security in a much more encompassing way. Applied Tech will help you look at your entire security approach by thinking about security from the ground up.  The following are key areas for any security plan.

Data Classification and Retention:

Quite often we hear: “I can’t delete my old emails, because that is where I store my important information”. Email is a communication tool, not a file storage utility. It is extremely important to make sure important documents are stored correctly and safely.  It is also important to retain only the most important emails for any length of time.

The framework for a good security policy is based around data classification and retention times. All data and communications should fall into some general buckets of privacy classification.  As an example: A marketing email to customers is a public facing document that needs no security at all and an email to your banker with financial statements and a brief discussion about acquiring a company is highly sensitive and should be encrypted.

Applied Tech’s Technology Management team can help you design a framework that provides an easy to understand framework for your employees to follow.  Contact us today to get started.

Data Access and Protection Technology:

Once your security framework is in place, Applied Tech can help you implement those policies with the latest in security technology.   As your staff become used to working in a more mobile environment, data access technology and mobile security become more and more important.

Identity access is the concept of knowing who a person is and what they should have access to.  In most cases, this means a person must have a user id and password to access your network.  That user id then tells the network where you can go and what data you can access.  Applied Tech partners with WatchGuard to implement firewall protection that allows the valid users in, but keeps anyone unwanted out.  In addition to your hardwired network, it is extremely important to tie your firewall security to a solid wireless security technology to make sure users are authenticated regardless of how they try to log into your network.  Contact Applied Tech to help you design a security perimeter that works for you.

We all know that it is difficult to manage your passwords.  Applied Tech can help you with tools to manage those passwords so they are more secure.  In addition to managing the passwords themselves, Microsoft’s multi-factor authentication module will make your passwords more secure by requiring a code to be typed in that is sent via text, mobile application or email.  Applied Tech can help you roll out this technology to make sure that even if your password is compromised it is much more difficult for someone else to use.

As staff become more mobile, technologies like BitLocker device encryption and Mobile Device Management are critical tools to deploy.  Applied Tech’s security technicians will work with you to deploy these tools so they can enforce your data security policies and help with the rollout to your users to get them familiar with their capabilities.

Security Process and Education:

If you talk to security professionals, they will tell you that hackers make headlines, but your greatest risk is from internal staff.  In many cases, your organization is put at risk by staff not following security procedures (i.e. sharing passwords) or generally not being aware of potential security risks.

Applied Tech can work with your organization to implement Office 365 SPAM, email phishing scheme protection and data classification rules so that users can better use these technologies to protect your data.  It’s one thing to have the tools, but if they are too complex to use they will never be effective.

Business Continuity:

From tornado damage to a ransomware attack, there are all sorts of events that can disrupt your business.  Applied Tech’s technology management team can help you devise a business continuity plan that can help you recover.  It is important to have a plan before something happens, because developing the plan while in the middle of a disaster will only make a bad situation worse.

In addition to a plan, Applied Tech can help you implement solid backup and restoration technologies to get you back in production quickly.  Azure Back Up and Azure Site Recovery are two examples of critical tools that Applied Tech can help you make your recovery plan effective.

Regardless of where you may need help with your security plans, Applied Tech can help you strategically move your organization forward.

Contact Applied Tech to get more information about how we can help tailor a security roadmap and associated services to fit your unique organization.