Aristotle SIEM Tool

Improve infrastructure security across the board with Aristotle.

All too often, you don’t know where your weaknesses are until someone else finds them. Most of the time, the person that finds them are malicious hackers. Aristotle is a SIEM(security information and event management) that will identify your potential vulnerabilities so you minimize the risk across your network. Aristotle provides meaningful, actionable, and repeatable data that identifies risk, directs remediation, and documents results. Aristotle combines sever IT security functions in one place to amplify security teams:

  • SIEM
  • User Behavior
  • Configurations
  • Active Directory
  • Risk Reporting
  • Asset Discovery

Benefits of Aristotle for your business:

  • Vulnerability Discovery: Aristotle collects data from your environment and uses it to provide your with an easily digestible report or “trail” you can follow to see where and why a breach may.
  • Security Recommendations: by comparing the configuration of endpoints and identifying trends, Aristotle can make recommendations on how to improve your environment according to published best.
  • Compliance: the cost of fines and fees associated with data breaches, especially for regulated industries like healthcare (HIPAA), financial services (GLBA), and credit card processing (PCI-DSS) is Taking precautions to decrease the risk of this happening in vital. HIPAA regulated organizations are required to have a monitoring tool in place with the ability to report on and audit system activity. This tool is a perfect fit for anyone who is looking to up their security practices to compliant levels.

Why Applied Tech?

Our customers have found that using Aristotle as their SIEM tool has check all of the boxes they need to stay secure and compliant.  base and first line of defense for safeguarding  their data. We have successfully deployed Aristotle to numerous different industries across our customer base. We have a tried a true process for implementing Aristotle and security experts that keep up with best practices to help you protect your environment.