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Security Solutions

You can’t protect against today’s security threats with yesterday’s technology. The risk of a cybersecurity breach is now more prevalent and advanced than ever, and it’s not just large corporations and global enterprises who need to worry about their cyber-security. In fact, 62% of cyber-breach victims are small- to mid-size businesses which are at the greatest risk for an attack. Because smaller businesses are typically unprepared for a security breach, the costs of customer notification alone can often wreak crippling financial damage.

That’s why Applied Tech offers multi-layer protection to all clients by ensuring advanced security protocols accompany every professional service and managed service that we offer. Our certified security experts utilize a complete suite of advanced security tools from industry leaders like WatchGuard and OpenDNS in order to protect against phishing and other IT threats.

Our comprehensive security services include:

In today’s workforce, more employees than ever are working, switching between laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and using both personal and corporate devices. While this new technology has added ease and convenience for communication, it also poses ever-changing security risks.

At Applied Tech, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions to protect your business. Our security professionals can evaluate the needs, risks and goals of your business to make customized IT security recommendations to keep your business protected, while allowing your staff work with their favorite devices and applications from virtually anywhere. You don’t have to sacrifice security for convenience. Applied Tech ensures that your IT environment meets even the most stringent compliance and regulatory frameworks to keep your valuable data secure.

Our IT security experts have received the prestigious Security Trustmark + from cybersecurity leader CompTIA, demonstrating our compliance with critical industry regulations such as PCI-DSS, SSAE, HIPAA and more. Our IT security services have been awarded this distinguished credential after a rigorous internal audit and third-party assessment of security policies procedures and operations in place to identify, detect, protect, respond and recover from security incidents. With this authentication of best practices and deep security expertise, you can be confident knowing that your company is protected at all times from even the most advanced cybersecurity threats.

Is your company prepared to weather the financial loss, damaged reputation or customer turnover that could result from a cybersecurity breach?

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