Exchange Online Migration

Office 365 is a great cloud environment that supports the critical functions of any business technology environment: Security, accessibility, productivity, ease of use and continuous improvement.

Email has become a critical part of every business function.  It has also become a commodity technology function that is extremely difficult to support singularly within your organization.  Email as a cloud based tool has come of age.

Moving email to the cloud is good for several reasons

  • It is expensive to create a high availability environment
  • It is difficult to retain knowledgeable staff to support and upgrade environment
  • On premise upgrades are extremely disruptive to users
  • Capital expense of on premise email environments are more difficult to plan that continuous monthly operational expense of cloud solution

If you are looking for a great project to test the cloud environment, migrating email is a perfect start.  Office 365 email will provide high availability, anytime/anywhere access, high security and continuous upgrades (with no user interruptions).

An email migration project is not difficult if you have the right tools, experienced staff and know the potholes to avoid.  A project like this is a once in a lifetime thing for most organizations.  Why try to educate yourself, purchase the tools and try this yourself.  It is not worth the expense, time and risk.

Applied Tech has tremendous experience with migrating on premise email environments to Office 365.  We migrate an average of nearly a dozen organizations each month to Office 365 email.  This ranges from small single digit user organizations to organizations with thousands of email boxes.  Join the over 999,999 satisfied email users that we have moved to Office 365 email.

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