Security and Monitoring

  • Do you know how many mobile devices are connected to your network or email server?
  • Does your technology team continuously monitor and improve your network security?
  • Are all of your corporate technology security policies enforced effectively?
  • Do you have someone watching your network and server performance 24×7?

These are just a few of the problems and questions Applied Tech can solve by implementing our Managed Security service offering.

Why wait for something bad to happen, when you can stop it before it happens!  Applied Tech has partnered with Microsoft, WatchGuard and LogicMonitor to provide state of the art monitoring of your technology environment.  Whether your technology is entirely on premise, a combination of on premise and cloud or entirely in the cloud, we can provide continuously improving protection and proactive maintenance alerts to keep your technology operating at its best.

Microsoft and WatchGuard literally have thousands of technicians developing new security protection capabilities daily.  In addition, they have thousands of their technicians trying to hack past those protections to improve their capabilities.

In addition, they provide the tools to implement your technology policies required by your auditors and the strictest compliance regulations.  Why try to do this all yourself?  Applied Tech has the capabilities to implement the best of these vendor’s abilities to protect your most valuable intellectual capital.

While we are protecting you from security breaches, Applied Tech can also protect you from many common network and server performance issues.  Have you ever had a disk fill up and staff are unable to function until the server is fixed?  Has your network seemed sluggish, but you couldn’t tell what the problem was until it stopped working?

There are a lot of things to watch with your server and network environments.  More than a single person can do by themselves.  AppliedTech has partnered with LogicMonitor to create a proactive monitoring service that will watch your network and servers and alert either our team or your staff of any situations that could be early signs of problems.  Catch those catastrophic problems early when they are easier to fix.

Contact Applied Tech to get more information about how we can help provide your business with the protection and peace of mind your business deserves.