TechCare: Application Support

  • Are you caught in the middle trying to resolve problems between multiple vendors?
  • Do you have a critical application, but no central person or team to manage the help desk issues?
  • Do you have customized solutions that need support and enhancements?

These are just a few of the problems and questions Applied Tech can solve by implementing our TechCare service offering.

Applied Tech stands apart from most vendors when it comes to supporting business applications.  Most vendors will not get involved because they don’t have the expertise or willingness to help with applications they don’t understand.  Applied Tech’s approach always starts with one question:  “How can we better support our customer?”.

While we can’t claim to support every application there is, we can provide the coordinated effort to track service calls with the application vendor, translate tech speak to your team so it is better understood and, if necessary, manage multiple vendors in the problem resolution process.  We have found that having someone coordinate the resolution process can provide great value.

We are also always looking for key applications that we can support.  If you have a critical application that has a large user base, we would be interested in talking with you.  We might be able to become a certified support provider for that application.

As part of our normal business, we create customized solutions that involve Microsoft CRM and SharePoint.  We can also provide ongoing support for these applications that would include user support and ongoing enhancements that may be needed.

Contact Applied Tech to get more information about how we can help provide your business with an application support plan that meets your needs.