Cloud Infrastructure: Azure & OneDrive

  • Are you tired of using a clumsy VPN to access your network files?
  • Do you have servers that are just used for testing?
  • Do you have documents that you need to keep but rarely access them?
  • Are you tired of paying for expensive network storage device upgrades and maintenance?

These are just a few of the problems and wasteful practices that can be solved with the powerful combination of Microsoft’s Azure platform, Microsoft’s OneDrive solution and Applied Tech’s installation and support capabilities.

Today’s workforce does things a little differently; they communicate, collaborate, and innovate using a wide variety of devices, often spread across different cities, states or even hemispheres. Microsoft Azure provides the cloud application platform that businesses need to keep pace with the shifting IT landscape. Applied Tech offers Microsoft Azure management to enable powerful productivity that integrates your most-used apps on your favorite devices, anywhere, anytime. Microsoft Azure is the most trusted choice for businesses of all sizes, used and trusted by over 66% of Fortune 500 companies.

What Can Microsoft Azure and OneDrive Do For Me?

You are limited only by your imagination.  Applied Tech’s Azure certified solution designers can help you architect solutions that fit your unique needs.  Here are just a few ideas that will help you start thinking about reducing your onsite storage footprint and costs.

  • Storage costs for user documents: Ask your IT staff how much storage space and its associated cost is used for individual’s working documents in their personal “Documents Folder”.  You might be surprised what that is costing you in terms of storage costs and backup costs.  It might also surprise you that OneDrive may be able to eliminate that cost.  In addition, those files can be accessed without using that clunky VPN solution you are currently using.
  • Storage costs for rarely accessed documents: Ask your IT staff how much storage space is used and its associated cost for documents that are accessed less than once every six months.  Azure can be leveraged to reduce your costs to store these required documents, but only pay for when you access them.
  • Server costs for development and test environments: Ask your IT staff how many servers you are currently using to provide development and test environments for your critical business applications.  Azure can be leveraged to substantially reduce this cost.  One of the key features of Azure is to pay only for the time servers are running.
  • Reliable and available backups: Do you have confidence in your backup and recovery strategy? Microsoft Azure also offers simple, reliable cloud-integrated backups. With Microsoft Azure Backup managed by Applied Tech, your data is protected and encrypted at all times both on-premise and in the cloud. In addition, if there is a need for recovery, backups are always available and can be restored anywhere.
  • Disaster Recovery: Do you have a disaster recovery solution in place for your critical servers? Azure Site Recovery(ASR) offers businesses of every size unparalleled peace of mind with remote health monitoring and automatic replication. Azure Site Recovery from Applied Tech syncs automatically with Azure Backup to protect Hyper-V, VMware, and physical servers from interruption or data loss in the event of an outage. Simple, automated protection and disaster recovery from Azure helps ensure business continuity and prevent downtime to keep your workflow running smoothly.
  • Reacting to business needs quickly: How often have you been delayed to reacting to fast changing business needs by having to wait for servers to be purchased and implemented?  With Azure, businesses can access and purchase resources as necessary from Applied Tech in minutes rather than days or weeks.  In addition, if it is a short-term need, the servers can be deactivated in minutes with no need to carry the deprecation for years.

Transform your technology environment to meet the strategic needs of your business with our Microsoft Azure Management Services. Our Microsoft Certified Consultants will work with you to assess your unique goals and see how Applied Tech can customize Microsoft Azure to work for you!

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