Ready For A New Year? How About A New Decade?

Cancer cured. School kids learning code, along with their ABC’s. Breakthroughs with a topological qubit.

What’s all that? Sound like a mash up of crazy hope for mankind and a Star Wars sequel?

No. They are just some of the predictions for the next 10 years from a select group of “leading thinkers” from Microsoft’s Technology and Research section. Each leader was asked to what to expect next year and 10 years out in technology advancements.

Sound fanciful? Scroll through the article and decide which you would take as a bet.

BTW, a qubit is not the same as a cubit (that ancient unit of measurement based on the length from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow) that Noah used to build his Ark.

This modern-day qubit is part of quantum computing. Remember how we all learned computers worked by having a switch either on or off? Quantum mechanics lets it be both at the same time. That is the game changer around the corner. Think about that as you sip your eggnog.

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