Mobile Security Management

  • Do you have hourly workers connected to email via their mobile devices?
  • Do you have staff mixing corporate information and personal information on mobile devices?
  • Are you contemplating a mobile BYOD program?

Do not let poor mobile device practices compromise your data. Keep your company data stay safe and secure in the mobile world with Applied Tech’s Mobile Security Management service offering.

As mobile devices become more prolific within organizations, managing the security of the devices and its data has become critical.  Employees are looking to be mobile and have the same experience with their mobile devices regardless of where they are working.  There is also a blurring of personal and corporate data as people are using devices for both purposes.  That often leads to difficult conversations about deleting personal pictures from a company device when a person leaves the company.  You can also have hourly workers innocently checking email after hours and technically working overtime.  So how can mobile desires and organizational security goals both be achieved?

Applied Tech can guide you through the implementation of Microsoft’s Mobile Application Management and Mobile Device Management tools.   We have helped organizations through this process and understand many of the common pitfalls and questions that come up while implementing these tools.  Each organization has different goals and cultures so no two implementations are the same.  We can walk you through the capabilities of the software and see what fits your organization best.   Some typical discussions we will have with you include:

  • How should company data be used and stored when it is accessed by an iOS or Android device?
  • Are there specific applications that will be used within the organization?
  • Are there types of roles within the organization that cannot access company resources outside of business hours?
  • When a device is lost, stolen or an employee leaves the organization how should corporate data be removed?

Making sure that your corporate data is safe is critical.  Applied Tech can help you tailor a mobile security approach that fits your organization’s culture and still meet your data security needs.

Contact Applied Tech to get more information about how we can help provide your business with a secure mobile platform to work from.