Why Use Applied Tech as Your Managed Service Provider?

As it relates to information technology, businesses often reach a threshold before a change is made – whether that be number of employees, increased down time, or a desire to cut costs – the answer can be found in a managed services model, specifically with Applied Tech's ROADmap managed service model.

Recent studies have suggested that on average, organizations use only 28% of the IT budget on new initiatives or projects, whereas simply “keeping the lights on” uses 72% of the budget. What if you could reverse this trend?

This is where Roadmap comes into play. Roadmap allows you to reduce the costs of maintaining your existing systems and applications, so you can focus on technology investments that truly support your business goals. There are many reasons to make a shift to a managed services platform; all of which make your business run even more efficiently. Would your business benefit from our roadmap model?

Improved focus on technology and platforms so your business can grow:

As mentioned before, one of the largest benefits of using a managed service provider is the ability to allocate more time to new initiatives and projects. Businesses have limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. A managed service provider handles all of the daily arduous tasks, so thinking “big picture,” becomes something that happens regularly and often. Using a managed service provider will help you stay focused on your core business efforts while leveraging technology for increased growth.

Say goodbye to the rigors of finding the right employee:

Finding the right people to work in your IT environment is analogous with finding a needle in a very large virtual haystack. Environments typically have a mix of applications from both large and niche providers – finding a resource that has the knowledge to supply comprehensive support is a daunting, and time-consuming task.

In addition, you need to account for the time necessary for managing employees; the costs associated with providing benefits and training; as well as finding a backup when they want to take time off or if they leave for another position. You can mitigate all those problems when partnered with a managed services provider. When you become a partner of Applied Tech, you get a team assigned to you, which allows technical resources on all levels become familiar with your account.

A proactive approach to IT:

As a managed service provider, Applied Tech is a firm believer in using a proactive approach. You save a significant amount of time and money when you are out in front of potential issues. With 24/7 monitoring of your systems, we are notified of problems before or as soon as they arise. With the ability to diagnose quicker, we have the ability to remedy the problem faster, which means less downtime for your business. If you take the measures to prevent a “fire,” you lower the risk of irreversible damage significantly – Applied Tech will provide you with the tools for prevention.

Sophisticated and tailored technologies:

A true managed service provider is not only knowledgeable on new and emerging technologies, but they also use them day in and out to provide the best service possible. As an Applied Tech partner, you have access to some of the industry’s leading monitoring and maintenance software. We have invested thousands of hours into our ticketing system, monitoring software and custom workflows. As a customer, you see that value in quick response times and a transparent remediation process. It is essential that Applied Tech is up to date on the best technologies – as a partner, we relay that value directly to you.

Predictable monthly costs:

Costs associated with information technology are often seen strictly as an expense; something that needs to be kept up to keep the organization moving. When you are on a “break-fix” model, your monthly expenses fluctuate causing increased strain in budgeting and planning. Applied Tech works on a flat fee model to take the guessing out of IT budgets. Business goals align under a flat fee – you know the issue will be resolved, and you do not have to worry about technical resources eating hours of billable time to fix an issue. It is absolutely in the best interest of Applied Tech and our partners to move swiftly and efficiently. It is our goal to serve our partners with an exceptional level of service.

Strategic technology guidance:

As part of Applied Tech’s offering, you have the opportunity to work with a strategic account manager. Our resources are both technically sound and business savvy. They have a pulse of what other companies in your industry are doing and the technologies they are leveraging. Our account managers inform our partners on emerging technologies that allow for increased business productivity and revenue streams. Applied Tech wants to sit at the table and discuss a myriad of topics: technology goals, budgets, concerns and successes; as an extension of your business we are your point of contact for all things IT related.

Delivering a quality service:

The focus of your business is not information technology – it is not where you make your money nor is it where you time is best spent – quite the contrary for Applied Tech. Applied Tech is a customer service company that happens to focus on IT. We take pride in our customer service. Every ticket is preceded by a survey so we can get feedback on their experience. We monitor margins on your account so we can ensure your business is utilizing Applied Tech optimally. Day in and out our job is to deliver the best service possible to you and your business.

Watch our clients describe their experience with us: