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Customer Service. Guaranteed.

We’ve worked for 23 years to earn an average daily Customer Satisfaction Score of 98% from more than 12,000 supported users.

What does it mean when you decide to work with a top 1% IT service provider?

It means that when you need help in an IT emergency, our experts respond fast and get results. We resolve 65% of support requests on the first call.

Our team is at your disposal 24/7/365, and you’re backed by our customer service level guarantee.

That means less down time for you, more productive employees, and a secure environment for all your sensitive data.

It also means that when it’s time to update your technology roadmap, we’ll be there to guide you with smart, strategic options to meet your company’s business goals.

It means that your data and systems are safe.

It means your systems work seamlessly within the bounds of tight regulations in your industry.

It means that your business grows uninterrupted because we are working to solve your IT problems before they appear.

There’s too much riding on your IT systems to risk hiring anyone but the best, especially in today’s increasingly digital world.

Achieve increased productivity with a Microsoft Gold Partner (i.e., among the top 1% worldwide) that can help you get the most out of your M365 applications and Azure cloud technologies to outperform your competition.

Reduce your risk and protect your critical proprietary and customer data by working with a certified CompTIA Security Trustmark + provider.

Reach out for a consultation to find out more about what Applied Tech can do to help your business thrive.

Help My Business Thrive

Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

Preserves our Excellent Reputation

“Having Applied Tech frees us to focus on what we do: trust settlement. And that helps us build and keep a really good customer service model that preserves our excellent reputation in the industry.”

-Chris Foregger, President and CEO, Capital First Trust Co.

Nothing Slips Through the Cracks

“Friendly, knowledgeable team members with great follow up – nothing seems to slip through the cracks.”

-Rhonda Schrandt, Director Operations & Technology, Heartland Produce

Allow Our People to Work Remotely

“Applied Tech has helped allow our people to work remotely…and do it securely which is really important given the healthcare space we’re in and being subject to HIPAA oversight.”

-Paul Meyer, COO, The Alliance

That's the Whole Ballgame For Me

“Your team’s response was quick, had specific resolutions and, most importantly, was kind. That’s the whole ballgame for me and I cannot express how much I appreciate that quality.”

-Todd C. Withey, CEO, Midwest Title

Integrity and Commitment to Partnership

“We don’t feel as if we’re being ‘upsold’ on services or items we don’t need. This demonstrates integrity and a commitment to partnership that bodes well for future collaboration.””

-Tom Innis, President, Sielaff Corporation

Professional, Yet Helpful and Friendly

“Courtesy of your staff. Never once has a tech expressed a complaint or sighed at a request. They are professional, yet friendly/helpful.”

-Phillip Landis, Director Information Technology, Dehumidified Air Solutions

Sticking With It

“More than anything, I appreciate that Applied Tech staff stick with a given issue until it is resolved.”

-Marc Perry, Executive Director, Community Action, Inc of Rock & Walworth Counties

Constantly Monitoring our Server and Workstations

“Knowing that Applied Tech is constantly monitoring our server and workstations allows me to focus on the strategic issues of our business. Encore is quite pleased with the service and expertise of Applied Tech and looks forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

-Jeffrey Jaschinski CFO, Encore Construction

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