Productivity Applications in Office 365

Office 365 is a great cloud environment that supports the critical functions of any business technology environment: productivity, security, accessibility, ease of use and continuous improvement.

Office 365 is improved so fast many organizations don’t always know what applications they have at their fingertips.  In addition, they are not always taking full advantage of the applications they are using.  As a quick test, as an Office 365 subscriber do you know that you have access to applications like Teams, Planner and OneNote?  If these applications don’t sound familiar, keep reading.

Applied Tech has worked with many of our customers to help them understand what is available within Office365 and how they can leverage those capabilities.  Our Cloud Capabilities Service starts with a short presentation of recent popular features added to Office365 and a discussion of what may resonate with your organization.  We then create a tailored training paths to improve adoption of current applications or the implementation of new applications.  All with a goal of improving the productivity of your staff and reducing the number of disparate applications that they use.

It’s a small investment to gain a powerful payback.

Check out more Productivity Applications you gain access to within Applied Tech Managed Services below:

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