Azure Active Directory Premium

  • Are you looking to implement multi-factor authentication for improved security?
  • Do users operating outside the office struggle resetting their passwords?
  • Do you have multiple cloud applications and users are struggling to remember their passwords?
  • Are you looking to move our office based technology totally to the cloud?

These are just a few of the problems and questions Applied Tech can solve by implementing Azure Active Directory Premium.  This is the first step in implementing a comprehensive security program that enhances access numerous cloud applications.

Azure Active Directory Premium and Windows 10 operating system on your desktop or laptop provides the foundation for a powerful security solution.  The following features are available to you with this license:

  • Desktop Single Signon: Log on once and have access to all of your approved applications.
  • BitLocker Workstation Encryption: Encrypt the entire disk on your laptop or desktop.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Forces a user to enter their login and password in addition to entering a code sent to a trusted device like a phone or alternate email account.
  • Enterprise State Roaming: Users can synchronize their user settings across all device platforms.  This means that as you change devices they operate in a similar fashion.  In addition, it allows you to separate your personal data from corporate data on personal devices.

Any organization that is operating in a hybrid or total cloud environment should consider Azure Active Directory Premium.

Contact Applied Tech to get more information about how Azure Directory Premium can be used to increase your security and user satisfaction.