Storage, Workstation and Network Upgrades (Storage and Virtualization)

Whether your enterprise utilizes on-premise storage, the public cloud, or a combination of both, Applied Tech offers storage and virtualization services to give your business a competitive edge. The Applied Tech team offers advanced virtualization solutions for storage, desktop, network and server virtualization. With flexible storage strategies that can be customized to meet your unique infrastructure, hardware, and data needs, we’re committed to making your data and applications more accessible and efficient than ever. With the industry’s leading SAN from HP and our own expert team of Hyper V and VNware specialists, we offer improved performance and agility with virtual solutions for all your most critical networks, servers, and storage.

Hybrid & On-Premise Solutions

While most IT solutions continue to move in the direction of cloud-based storage and virtualization, many businesses are still hesitant to abandon existing infrastructure and datacenters. Applied Tech offers on-premise storage and virtualization solutions as well as cloud migration management to allow businesses to continue to utilize their physical hardware investments while gradually transitioning to a cloud-based environment. We utilize flexible tiered-storage solutions that let you prioritize your most important data and diversify your storage. Low-tier data is moved from on-premise storage into the cloud, and in doing so, more space is created for the most important data and applications within existing on-premise storage. Applied Tech’s virtualization services can help you maximize and streamline your storage both on-premise and in the cloud, as well as assist with a cloud migration. With regularly performed upgrades and flexible Azure compatibility for storage and virtualization, our virtualization solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of any IT environment.

Storage Virtualization & SAN

Applied Tech is proud to offer HP SAN (Storage Area Network) deployments to facilitate storage virtualization. By combining the physical storage of multiple network devices into a single, centrally managed system, SAN offers improved flexibility and accessibility compared to traditional direct-attached storage (DAS). By consolidating storage outside of servers, HP SAN allows enterprises to maximize their storage utilization and avoid cluttering data centers with costly excess hardware. Our SANs offer 100% availability at all times as well as data isolation for faster performance times and seamless backup and disaster recovery. Easily scalable, cloud-optimized SANs from HP are more reliable and affordable than ever, and our virtualization specialists will work with your team to create a custom storage virtualization to meet the demands of your business and maximize your existing infrastructure and hardware.