Microsoft SQL Server

Manage mission-critical workloads with data warehousing from Microsoft’s SQL Server and IT Consulting from Applied Tech

As businesses grow and mature, data accumulates. Massive amounts of company data such as credit card information, online transaction processing (OLTP) data, client addresses, and more, create the need for a data warehouse to store, organize, and analyze sensitive information. Many business owners are unsure of which data warehousing platform is the best for their particular business. Microsoft’s SQL Server has been the industry-leading data warehouse for over 6 years due to the SQL Server’s innovative data security measures, real-time online transaction processing (OLTP), and comprehensive business intelligence (BI) solutions.

At Applied Tech, our professional IT consultants are also Certified Microsoft Consultants who can assist your business in implementing and managing the Microsoft SQL Server to its fullest capacity from the cloud or on-premises. We work directly with your current IT department to help create a hybrid cloud solution which aligns Microsoft’s SQL server with your current IT environment, so remote staff still have access to on-premises data. Our Certified Microsoft Consultants help organize your company data for reports and ensure your Microsoft SQL data warehouse is running at the speed of your business for mission-critical workloads. Our IT consulting experts provide database administration services for the Microsoft SQL Server, so you can focus on your daily operations as well as access and analyze the data you need, when you need it.

Why Choose Microsoft SQL Server as Your Data Warehouse?

Microsoft’s SQL Server’s ease of integration with Microsoft Windows, as well as SQL’s technologies in development, data security and encryption, and business intelligence solutions have made Microsoft SQL one of the highest-selling and most popular data management platforms in the world. Here’s why Microsoft SQL is right for your business:

Microsoft SQL Server Features

  • Data Security: Unlike other encryption solutions that don’t encrypt data while in use, the “Always Encrypted” feature on the SQL server protects your OLTP data and additional sensitiveinformation at every stage – at rest, during the online transaction, and while the transaction is being processed.
  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) in Real Time: The “Always On” feature on the SQL server manages large amounts of data 24/7– providing data accessibility to employees on anydevice, no matter where they are, through the cloud.
  • Business Intelligence: Comprehensive business intelligence provides easy scalability of workloads, which can be incredibly useful to seasonal businesses that experience large increases in ordering during peak times. The Microsoft SQL Server provides enterprise-scale analytics and adjusts data systems to match your business.
  • Forecast Trends with Cutting-Edge Analytics: Within the SQL server, Applied Tech can assist in building applications in the data warehouse that are predictive rather than reactive.
  • Best Price: The Microsoft SQL Server allows you to manage OLTP databases affordably through a single platform. Microsoft SQL is the leader in TPC (decision support) benchmarks for TPC-H data warehousing.

Applied Tech’s IT consultants can help create new opportunities with your data using the innovative technologies of the Microsoft SQL server. The Microsoft SQL server will open new windows with data warehousing resources that predict customer behavior, manage OLTP in real time, forecast sales, understand the past, and predict the future while maintaining data Security and protecting your assets.

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