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Have you ever been out-of- town and wished for access to your office rotary phone to check your voicemails, so you wouldn’t have to feel bombarded when you returned to work? Perhaps you’re in a lengthy meeting and need to check your voice messages but don’t have the opportunity to step outside to do so?

Issues like this are becoming a thing of the past with the advancement of hosted voice services, also known as voice over IP (VOIP) solutions.

The IT consultants at Applied Tech are Certified Microsoft Partners and experts in providing comprehensive cloud telephony services with innovative, hosted VOIP services through Microsoft Skype for Business & Exchange Unified Messaging. Our IT professionals want your business to have access to the full capabilities of the cloud, which now allow you to consolidate your traditional telephone services into one centrally managed provider through Microsoft-hosted voice over internet protocol (VOIP).

What is Voice Over IP or Unified Messaging?

VOIP is also referred to as cloud telephony, hosted voice, or unified messaging. It’s a part of cloud communications that allows users to utilize voice services via the internet; such as voice mails, SMS or text messages, and faxes. VOIP eliminates the need for standard business telephone equipment and the fees that come with traditional phone companies.


The Benefits of Microsoft Unified Messaging VOIP Services

    • Centralized Management with Microsoft Cloud Communications: With Microsoft’s Hosted VOIP services you never have to worry about being stuck on hold with the phone company again. With centrally managed voice over IP, we can prevent issues and provide maintenance 24/7, regardless of your device or location. VOIP devices have intuitive user interfaces, which make configuration changes simple for anyone.
    • Ease of Access: Hosted voice services allow all employees of your business the ability to receive voice messages, emails, texts, and faxes directly to their inbox, whether you’re in the office or outside your cellular service area, regardless of what device you’re using.
    • Discretion: Hosted VOIP allows you discreetly check voice mails in multiple ways. For example, Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging’s Voice Mail Preview can transcribe voice mails, so you can read them rather than have to call your voice mail in the middle of a meeting. You can also use Microsoft’s hosted voice feature “Play on Phone,” which allows you to listen to your voice mail if you don’t want your office-mate to hear the message through computer speakers.
    • Save Money: Hosted voice services are consolidated through cloud communications, thus eliminating the fees from your local phone company. Since VOIP uses your existing personal and office devices through cloud telepathy, you can save money on additional hardware and infrastructure. You will only be billed by one central provider for all your cloud communications needs and only for the VOIP applications you use.
    • Comprehensive: Microsoft Unified Messaging solutions allow your business to save time and money without sacrificing any of the standard telephone features you currently use. Hosted VOIP provides familiar services such as caller ID and missed call notifications but with the added benefit of constant cutting-edge updates and new Microsoft features.


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