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Today’s workforce does things a little differently; they communicate, collaborate, and innovate using a wide variety of devices, often spread across different cities, states or even hemispheres. Microsoft Azure provides the cloud application platform that businesses need to keep pace with the shifting IT landscape. Applied Tech offers Microsoft Azure management to enable powerful productivity that integrates your most-used apps on your favorite devices, anywhere, anytime. Microsoft Azure is the most trusted choice for businesses of all sizes, used and trusted by over 66% of Fortune 500 companies.

What Can Microsoft Azure Do For Me?

Azure IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service): Microsoft Azure’s IAAS allows businesses to cut down on IT costs of hosting an on-site data center while ensuring application security, agility and scalability. Deploy your applications faster than ever and easily scale infrastructure up and down as needed. IAAS makes big data analysis and high-performance computing as simple and economical as possible for you.

Applied Tech offers Azure IAAS to help businesses reduce capital expenditures and meet even the most stringent of compliance requirements. Test out big ideas, respond faster to industry changes, and streamline your IT focus with Microsoft Azure IAAS.

Azure PAAS (Platform as a Service): Microsoft Azure PAAS is a comprehensive cloud-based development and deployment environment. Using the Azure PAAS, businesses can access and purchase resources as necessary from Applied Tech rather than spending valuable time and resources dealing with software licenses, infrastructure, middleware and more. You manage your applications and services, we handle the rest! PAAS offers all the benefits of IAAS, but with additional middleware and development tools, it helps teams to code faster, develop for multiple platforms and collaborate remotely from different locations. Cut down on costs and explore sophisticated tools to manage your application lifecycle and streamline deployment with Microsoft Azure PAAS.

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Azure Backup: Microsoft Azure also offers simple, reliable cloud-integrated backup as a service. With Microsoft Azure Backup managed by Applied Tech, your data is protected and encrypted at all times both on-premise and in the cloud. Each business stores customer data differently – whether you utilize the public cloud, data centers, branch offices, or any combination of locations, we ensure your most sensitive data is protected both in transit and at rest. Applied Tech offers a seamless Azure Backup experience to protect your data at all times.

Azure Storage: Applied Tech Azure Management offers the convenience, protection and agility of cloud storage. Azure Storage allows businesses to offload storage into the cloud rather than pouring money into hardware and data centers. With Azure Storage from Applied Tech, you only pay for the storage you need, and the data migration is simple, low-cost, and flexible.

Azure Site Recovery (ASR): Azure’s Disaster Recovery as a Service offers businesses of every size unparalleled peace of mind with remote health monitoring and automatic replication. Azure Site Recovery from Applied Tech syncs automatically with Azure Backup to protect Hyper-V, VMware, and physical servers from interruption or data loss in the event of an outage. Simple, automated protection and disaster recovery from Azure helps ensure business continuity and prevent downtime to keep your workflow running smoothly.

Enhance your IT environment with our Microsoft Azure Management services. Our Microsoft Certified Consultants will work with you to assess your unique goals and see how Applied Tech can customize Microsoft Azure to work for you! Let us do the legwork, from billing and compliance to hardware and server management. We handle the set-up, maintenance and management, so you can do what you do best with the seamless power and productivity of Microsoft Azure.

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