Data Protection

  • Are your servers and user data backed up, stored off site and recovery plans tested annually?
  • Do you have a database administrator that can monitor and tune the performance of your critical line of business databases?
  • Do you have knowledgeable resources available to create and maintain reports to help you gain better insight into your business?

These are just a few of the problems and questions Applied Tech can solve by implementing our Data Protection service offering.

Every business should have a solid plan for backing up and recovering critical business servers and user data.  Most businesses at least try to have a good backup plan.  Applied Tech provides state of the art backup and restoration tools and techniques regardless if your storage is in your office or in the cloud.  As anyone that has lived thru a disaster recovery event can tell you, it is extremely important to have backups of your servers stored offsite and tested regularly.  Backups are essential, but making sure that you can restore them quickly and effectively is priceless.  When your business is down, the last thing you want to do is wait for backups to restore for an extended period of time or find out that your backups are not good.  Applied Tech uses Veeam and Azure to provide a backup and restore solution that keeps your business needs in mind.

In addition to protecting your business from disaster, your business can be at risk due to poor database performance.  Most businesses cannot afford a full-time database administrator to monitor and tune your critical line of business applications.  Applied Tech can provide you with continued monitoring and tuning capabilities to make sure your staff are not waiting for a sluggish database to respond.

After you have insured your data is safe and your systems are functioning at peak performance, many businesses find they have so many reports but no way to make sense of them.  Applied Tech has a team that can look at your data and create summary reports or dashboards that distill your information into digestible amounts that can be used to manage with.  If your team doesn’t have the bandwidth or you just need a new outlook, why not augment your team with additional resources.  We can help you understand your business better with better reporting.

Your business depends on your data being available and systems running at their best.  In addition, getting the “right data” back in a format that you can understand is priceless.  Why live with subpar performance and reports you can’t manage with?

Contact Applied Tech to get more information about how we can help provide your business with the protection, database performance and data reporting your business requires.