IT Maintenance & Monitoring

At Applied Tech, we take a proactive approach to IT management.

With advanced maintenance and monitoring tools, we can anticipate and prevent IT interruptions before they occur. Downtime caused by IT failures is more than just an inconvenience; it can cost your company money, productivity, and customers. Applied Tech utilizes state-of- the-art tools to maintain the speed and reliability of your business technology at all times, regardless of the size of your company.

For over 15 years, Applied Tech has carefully honed our IT maintenance and monitoring process by investing in building a large team of IT experts and refining our customer service protocols.

When it comes to IT, prevention is always more efficient, affordable and effective than mitigation. Let us stop your next IT glitch before it ever happens. Our networking monitoring solutions allow us to keep an eye on the health of your technology systems 24/7. Automated monitoring systems can alert our engineers to a potential hardware malfunction before it ever impacts your company or customers. And with our security and backup monitoring solutions, as well as our malware and spam protection, we reduce your risk and protect your business communications.

When you partner with Applied Tech, we don’t just improve your IT functionality, we offer regular, detailed reports on our activities and the health of your IT infrastructure. Unlike other managed service providers, we offer reporting to clearly illustrate the findings of our monitoring tools, ranging from big-picture analysis to in-depth insights. Our reports offer a detailed breakdown of the results of monitoring on server logs, workstations, router switches, firewalls, and even individual devices.

If your technology is performing at its peak, so can you.

Contact Applied Tech to gain insight in your business technology and improve IT outcomes with 24/7 maintenance and monitoring from Applied Tech.

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