IT HelpDesk

Applied Tech’s managed services ensure that when you need IT assistance, the help you need is just a phone call away.

If you dread picking up the phone to call your current IT support, it’s time to choose a provider that makes customer service and rapid response times a serious priority.

At Applied Tech, we’re proud to offer an IT Helpdesk that makes getting the support you need a breeze. With a deep knowledge in a wide breadth of IT areas, our friendly, experienced support staff can quickly connect you with an expert who specializes in the specific subject matter that concerns your question or issue.

Before partnering with Applied Tech, many of our clients learned the hard way that not all managed service providers are created equal. Many IT service companies simply aren’t equipped with the manpower and expertise to efficiently handle a wide variety of IT issues.

At Applied Tech, we have over 45 technical resources assigned to our IT HelpDesk to offer our clients unparalleled access to assistance and insight. There’s nothing more frustrating than experiencing an IT interruption and then sitting on hold while you wait for answers or leaving a message and hoping for a response. Our immediate, live response team answers most questions within a minute to help you get back to business faster than ever!

We have developed a unique IT HelpDesk support structure that offers friendly, personable customer service, without sacrificing reliability and expertise. Having a single team member assigned to your IT support can cause continuity issues if that person leaves the company, lacks the specific expertise to address your needs, or even just takes a sick day when you really need help fast.

At Applied Tech, we utilize a tiered-approach to support that ensures that we have extensive documentation and institutional knowledge of your company: When you call, you’ll talk to a real person who is familiar with your business and will either resolve your issue or immediately shift your call to a more specialized technician who can. When you reach out to our HelpDesk, you don’t need to worry that your specific “IT guy” is out the office or simply cross your fingers and hope that the person answering phone is familiar with your systems.

The Applied Tech HelpDesk offers fast responses, real answers, and constant peace of mind.

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