TechCare Complete

As companies grow larger, their need for more complex technology increases. This is usually in the form of security, proactive support, and strategic use of technology. This requires a certain amount of expertise that a small internal IT team or Managed Service Provider cannot provide adequately. If you are struggling with keeping a qualified technology team in place to support your organization, complete managed services can deliver a deep bench of technicians to support your users and provide the strategic knowledge to leverage technology profitably.

What Value Does Managed Services Deliver to Businesses?

Improved productivity

A not so apparent feature is built into managed services: Accountability. The pricing is a flat fee model supporting your entire organization. That means the more you call us, the more it costs Applied Tech to support your organization. In other words, the more you call with problems we both lose. We make every effort to standardize your technology, educate your staff, and insure the technology is running smooth so that your team is as productive as possible. In this way, we are a team that has a joint goal in making your staff as productive as possible.


An in-house IT department must address every facet of that organization’s IT functions. Whether it is troubleshooting hardware, managing security or assisting employees with malfunctioning software, their plate becomes full and they can’t keep up. Quickly, in-house IT resources tend to become a jack of all trades, but also a master of none. When they run into specific issues they can spend countless hours researching and troubleshooting without finding a solution. With Applied Tech, you gain the depth and breadth of expertise from the entirety of Applied Tech’s team, with over 50 technical resources, Applied Tech has the knowledge needed to solve complex technology problems.

Improved security

TechCare Complete also provides the necessary firewalls, security software and tools to provide enhanced security backed by a team of resources experienced in using those tools effectively. With a staggering 70% of customers ceasing business with another organization after it experiences a data breach, the value of security for any organization has never been higher. Organizations must take the necessary steps to prevent these breaches, and with Applied Tech Managed Services, you will have more peace of mind than ever before.

Technology Strategy and Enhancements

Even the best of companies can get spread thin and planning for your technology future is done when you can. Often, this planning is done by people with minimal background in technology. Applied Tech’s TechCare Complete managed services provide access to Applied Tech’s technology ROADMap tool and can help any organization plan for the future. In addition to planning, customers have access to our technicians that specialize in complex system upgrade tasks to make those plans a reality.

TechCare Complete managed services are a great way to leverage Applied Tech’s tools and expertise and reduce your organizational risk. Contact us and we can talk more about how Applied Tech Managed Services can benefit your organization.

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