Microsoft SharePoint

Get the Big Picture with Integrated Solutions from Microsoft SharePoint & IT Consulting from Applied Tech

Collaborating on business projects, proposals, and other documents has never been easier with Microsoft SharePoint’s productivity-enhancing integrated platform. The Microsoft SharePoint Server is an industry-leading data management, web-based platform that can help your organization make business decisions faster, collaborate in real time, any time, on any device via the cloud or on-premises, and manage all business activities with SharePoint’s comprehensive features. Microsoft SharePoint Server is the platform that both your IT department and employees can navigate and utilize with confidence and ease.

Customizing Microsoft SharePoint for Your Company with IT Consulting from Applied Tech

Applied Tech’s IT consulting professionals are Certified Microsoft Consultants enabling them to act as a direct liaison between your company and Microsoft and to help get the most out of your Microsoft SharePoint solutions. Microsoft SharePoint is a complex data management platform, so our IT professionals work hand-in- hand with your employees and existing IT environment to offer training on the implementation and utilization of the Microsoft SharePoint server in your specific workplace or remotely via the cloud.

Here’s how Applied Tech can help your company integrate the Microsoft SharePoint Server:

  1. Our Certified Microsoft IT Consultants will generate a customized plan for your business to navigate common pitfalls so you can focus less on in-house SharePoint training or troubleshooting and more on using the SharePoint server to increase productivity, maximize workflow, and drive business decisions.
  2. When your business subscribes to Microsoft SharePoint services through Applied Tech, you get the benefit of direct access to Microsoft SharePoint updates and innovations for all employees. Our IT consultants ensure everyone has access to the latest version of SharePoint.
  3. Applied Tech manages SharePoint services and only utilizes data reports, analytics, and special tools within SharePoint that are relevant to your specific business. That way, employees are not overwhelmed and you save money not having unnecessary information or software.
  4. Our IT consultants make SharePoint work for you. We are a constant source of guidance and SharePoint training to promote employee and consumer engagement within the SharePoint server.

Microsoft SharePoint Provides Business Intelligence Solutions

  • Collaboration, Communication, & Data Management: SharePoint allows your business to store, manage, collaborate, and access company data and projects through a cutting-edge secured system. You have control over who has access to what and can allow more people in the company to have access to data no matter what device they use, whenever they want, no matter where they are. Microsoft SharePoint allows project collaboration and communication to flourish because all users have access to the same, most recent version of a project or doc and can make edits and contributions in real time.
  • Data Accessibility: SharePoint allows users to access data in real time and view all transaction histories. SharePoint’s exceptional data accessibility gives users the ability to view and analyze data at any time, via any device, in order to make faster, more informed decisions that can grow business more efficiently.
  • Integration with Microsoft Software: Microsoft SharePoint gives users the ability to use SharePoint services alongside familiar Microsoft products such as Office 365, Words, Excel, Power BI, etc.
  • Data Security: Microsoft platforms are known as the industry-leader in data security and compliance, and the Microsoft SharePoint server is no exception. Your IT department can rest assured that information will not be compromised.

SharePoint helps businesses of all sizes collaborate and manage data effectively. Applied Tech’s IT consulting experts are passionate about helping your business achieve profitability and enhance collaboration through Microsoft SharePoint technology.

Contact our IT consultants today to learn more about our Microsoft SharePoint consulting services.