Dynamics 365

Enhance Customer Relationship Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and IT Consulting from Applied Tech

If your business is searching for the most advanced, user-friendly method of customer relationship management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 software is your premier CRM solution in managing customer activity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is consistently leading the pack among CRM software. The IT research and advisory firm, Gartner, lists Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the upper right quadrant of their Magic Quadrant, placing Dynamics CRM software in the industry leader’s category – top-notch in executing current visions and preparing for the future regarding customer relationship management.

Customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Software for Your Company with IT Consulting from Applied Tech

The IT consulting professionals at Applied Tech help your company leverage your Microsoft package by customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM tools to fit your unique customer relationship management goals. Our goal is to make CRM less overwhelming and more effective with expert consulting, training and support.

Here’s how Applied Tech can help your business integrate the Microsoft Dynamics 365 software with hybrid or on-site solutions:

  1. Avoid common Dynamic CRM pitfalls with the help of our Certified Microsoft IT Consultants and spend less time on troubleshooting and drudging through irrelevant tools and applications and more time on using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server to increase productivity, maximize workflow, and drive business decisions.
  2. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 services from Applied Tech, you get the benefit of direct access to Microsoft Dynamics updates and innovations for all employees.
  3. Applied Tech manages all your CRM services for you. We only utilize data reports, analytics, and Dynamics 365 tools relevant to you, to eliminate the cost of unnecessary CRM software.
  4. Our IT consultants are a constant source of guidance and provide Dynamics CRM training to promote employee engagement and confidence in the ability to use the Dynamics CRM tools.


Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the Best for Your Business

  • Easy to Use: With training from Applied Tech and a user-friendly platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM incorporates your favorite Microsoft software and applications including Office 365, SharePoint, OneNote, Outlook, and more. The Dynamics CRM server can be easily customized to both the business and the individual user.
  • Maximizes Efficiency: Microsoft Dynamics software is intuitive, so you can easily access and locate customer information right when you need it through a central knowledge database. Dynamics 365 helps maximize efficiency by giving the user access to client history, profiles, prospects, lead generation, and more at the touch of a button.
  • Promotes Productivity: Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows for users to access CRM documents and tools both on and offline, via any device, thus allowing employees to work anytime, anywhere.
  • Unified Automation: Microsoft Dynamics provides a standardized form of communication unique to each organization to convey ideas and share customer relationship management information easily and effectively.
  • Allows Flexibility in Features, Support, & Price: Most CRMs only offer access via the cloud, but Microsoft Dynamics offers cloud, on-premises, or hybrid solutions. We can adjust Microsoft CRM services as needed and offer cost-effective CRM software with flexible licensing options to fit varying budgets.
  • Enhances Customer Engagement & Drives Business: Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a comprehensive platform of CRM tools, applications, and programs that provide in-depth analysis of customer engagement trends. Dynamics CRM allows you to manage customer experience and activity with tracking tools, forms, lead generating innovations, and more.

When utilized effectively, Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools will help your company drive business and improve customer retention.

Download this case study for an example of how Dynamics 365 has been leveraged in other organizations.

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