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Get more out of your data than ever before.

While the value of business intelligence remains higher than ever, traditional host terminals and paper reports are now being supplemented or replaced with mobile-optimized BI solutions. With advanced SQL, peak data utilization and cutting-edge analytics, you can now get even more out of your company’s most valuable asset: your data. Applied Tech customizes competitive business intelligence solutions for enterprises of all sizes to help companies transform their mountain of data into meaningful, actionable insights. Many businesses store enormous amounts of data that they rarely utilize or organize; at Applied Tech, we can make sense of your data to help you find powerful answers to the most critical decisions facing today’s businesses. From infrastructure investment to employee training, our business intelligence will give you the confidence and information you need to improve both big picture decisions as well as day-to-day choices made by employees across the company.

Our business intelligence solutions offer deep insight into your company’s operations with advanced reporting applications and analysis tools. Applied Tech works with clients to expose their most valuable data, organize it, and report on it with clear, in-depth analysis to help you execute efficient decisions based on the findings. While BI solutions can help chief decision makers make strategic big picture moves, business intelligence doesn’t just offer value to executives. Throughout any business, hundreds of decisions are made each day by managers and employees. If your policies, responses, and training protocol are informed by real-time updates on your company’s operation, each member of your organization can operate more effectively and contribute to the broader goals of the company. By organizing and mining data on everything from transaction history and customer databases to sales and marketing, your company can make better decisions with less hesitation from top to bottom.

The Applied Tech Difference

Unless you have the tools and support to act on business intelligence, even the best analytics and reporting are just numbers on a piece of paper. From data organization to decision execution, Applied Tech offers insight, advice, and reporting to support your business’ intelligence solutions. We work with each client to ensure that our business solutions are compatible with your organization’s preferred applications such as Excel and PowerBI and to ensure that our resources are accessible to your team.

Our specialists offer hands-on training to your staff to help them utilize business intelligence insights and improve their daily work performance. Moreover, we train clients how to interpret and use the tool sets to get the most out of SQL and data management tools. With practical support for your entire staff and real-time analytics to see new information as it comes in, Applied Tech allows you to leverage your most valuable data assets to drive new business and streamline your operations.

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