Tips for Employers and the Work From Home Users During COVID-19

BEWARE-Hacks are on the RISE!

Your employees working from home are at heightened risks from cyberattacks. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the current COVID-19 news cycle/headlines using legit government logos and news stories amongst other tactics.  Phishing,  ransomware and business email compromise (BEC) are all on the rise, targeting people now working from home. Cybercriminals break into a legitimate corporate email account through phishing and ransomware, impersonate the real owner and defraud the business or its partners, customers, or employees into sending money or sensitive data to the attacker. They are trying to hack into VPN and RDP as well.

In an effort to help further protect both your employees and your business, we are providing the following:

Security Enhancements for your Business

  • Assess current VPN (Virtual Private Network) and/or RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) capacity in order to accommodate the increase in employees remoting in from home. We may need to increase your capacity to accommodate the additional users. This may NOT apply to your business if you are not using a VPN.
  • Add additional layer of security for VPN/RDP remote access from home by implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) DUO.
  • Add Single Sign On (SSO) – One Log In –  to home computers-shared family computers- to help protect against hacks on your personal accounts i.e. banking, etc.
  • Add both Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign On to 0365 to help protect against business email hacking – fake wire and/or data transfers.
  • Implement automated web based employee cyber security training – good time to start – home business users are now a HUGE target.
  • Protect home computers with next-generation enterprise class endpoint security

Please contact Platte River Networks for any questions, concerns or more information on how to further protect your company, your employees and your assets.  303-255-1941

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