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This Week In Tech News | July 5

this week in tech july 5

Happy Friday! We hope you all had a fun and safe fourth. Let’s take a moment to review some of this week’s tech news that you might have missed due to the excitement surrounding yesterday’s holiday. 
Under YouTube’s privacy request process, you can now request any AI-generated content that simulates your face or voice to be taken down as a privacy violation. While submitting a complaint won’t immediately take the content down, YouTube will review and make a decision based on the content and give the content’s uploader 48 hours to act on the complaint. YouTube warns that the content’s uploader must fully remove the video from the site and remove the individual’s name and personal info from all aspects of the video including tags and description. Making a video private does not count as removing the video since it could be set back to public at any time. These complaints will not count as a Community Guidelines strike against the creator. 
(–Source: Engadget on MSN 
Read More: New YouTube policy lets you request the removal of AI-generated content that uses your likeness ( ) 
Earlier this week, the United States Supreme Court ruled to strike down the Chevron deference. This 40-year-old ruling allowed agencies to make their own rules when aspects of it were left unclear by Congress. With the Chevron deference now being struck down by the Supreme Court, the courts are now able to exercise their own legal judgement. One of the many things this could heavily affect is AI regulation. With the courts, who were already struggling to pass any policies relating to the regulation of AI, now holding the power to exercise their own judgement, it seems that enacting regulations for AI will be more difficult than ever before without the ability for AI experts to step in. 
(–Source: TechCrunch 
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A Dutch smart home company has just been acquired by LG with an 80 percent stake, with plans to acquire the remaining 20% within the next few years. LG made this acquisition in a move to better compete against their rivaling smart home platform by Samsung and to expand their smart home ecosystem. This acquisition will integrate Athom’s Homey connectivity with LG’s ThinQ smart home platform allowing users to control smart devices from various companies like Ikea and Philips Hue. Despite this move, LG and Athom said that Athom will continue its operations and branding as an independent company.  
(–Source: The Verge on MSN 
Read More: LG buys Homey in a very Samsung SmartThings move ( ) 
Speaking to the lighter note of this week’s tech news, If you’re big into the whole smart home thing, that LG acquisition could be great news for you and open your smart home endeavors up to even more possibilities. We can’t wait to see what this acquisition will bring!  
AI continues to be a hot topic in the tech scene, and it seems that with the new added difficulty to regulate it that there will continue to be more and more news about the AI arms race and attempts to put regulations in place. 

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