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This Week In Tech News | June 21

this week in tech june 21 2024

This has been another exciting week in tech with lots of news, both good and bad, announced. This week’s news is especially intriguing if you’re a gamer or a graphic designer (or both,) with new information relating to Nintendo and Adobe. With that said, let’s dive into the top tech news stories from the week of June 16th – 21st. 

 The United States Department of Justice is suing Adobe for their questionable practices related to fees and difficulty of cancelling subscriptions.

Adobe pushes their “annual paid monthly” subscription to customers but fails to disclose early-termination fees when signing up for the subscription. These fees are only mentioned to the subscriber when attempting to cancel their subscription and puts the consumer face-to-face with a decision between continuing the subscription for the full year, or being forced to pay hundreds of dollars to go through with the cancellation. The DOJ claims that Adobe’s practices are violating federal laws that are put in place to protect consumers.

(–Source: TechCrunch
Read More: US sues Adobe for hiding termination fees and making it difficult to cancel subscriptions | TechCrunch )

A bug report that Microsoft opened and closed investigations on months ago has been reopened.

The bug, which allows any Outlook user to send an email from “any user@domain” and spoof Microsoft employee emails, was discovered by a security specialist at SolidLab earlier this year and made apparent to Microsoft twice, who, both times, claimed they could not recreate the bug and closed the report. Microsoft has now reopened a security investigation about this claim.

(–Source: ExtremeTech on
Read More: Microsoft Finally Investigating Security Bug That Allows Users to Spoof Employee Emails ( )

A Nintendo Direct was held earlier this week with focus entirely on the Nintendo Switch, with still no announcement about a new Nintendo console. Despite the lack of new console news, this Direct was packed full of new games coming to the Nintendo Switch soon, leaving fans excited about what’s to come.

Some highlights from this direct include a new entry in the Mario & Luigi series, A new top-down Zelda title featuring Princess Zelda as the protagonist, A Dragon Quest 3 HD remake, and the long-awaited announcement of Metroid Prime 4. Check out a full list of announcements from this Direct and watch the full presentation at the link below.

(–Source: Nintendo
Read More: Nintendo Direct 6.18.2024 – Nintendo Official Site )

That’s another weekly recap in the books! This week’s tech headlines have once again shown us the dynamic nature of the industry, from legal challenges at Adobe, to security bugs at Microsoft, and Nintendo’s exciting new titles for the Switch. These headlines, and others like them, continue making it evident that there’s never a boring week in the tech space. 

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