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This Week In Tech News | June 14

this week in tech june 14th

TGIF! Join us as we take a moment to wrap up another week of exciting tech news! A lot of new features were announced or implemented this week, making this a big week for Apple and YouTube specifically.

Grab your beverage or snack of choice and kick back for a few minutes to check out some of the tech highlights from the week of June 9th – 14th.

Apple announced a plethora of new features at its Worldwide Developers Conference including new AI features in partnership with OpenAI for newer models of the iPhone (15+) and iPads and Macs that include the new M1 chip. Some of Apple’s new AI features include ChatGPT being available with Siri, AI image generation within iMessage, and new generative AI features within Siri to better understand context. Among other features Apple announced are a new “personal intelligence” feature called Apple Intelligence, a new password storing app, the new macOS version called Sequoia, and iOS 18.

It’s looking like an exciting year for Apple as the unveil so many new features! Check out more information about these features plus other things Apple unveiled by reading the full article from TechCrunch below.

(–Source: TechCrunch
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Creators on YouTube can now A/B test up to three thumbnails for each video with a new feature that is finally available to all users. The feature, known as “Thumbnail Test & Compare” was announced around this time last year, but was originally only available to a handful of users. YouTube will disperse the thumbnails evenly across viewers and will collect and analyze data relating to watch times to choose the winning thumbnail for the video. Creators will still have the option to choose the thumbnail they prefer in the end, whether it was the winning thumbnail or not. Over the year-long course of testing this feature with a handful of creators, it has proven to be making a big difference in the platform and upping watch time numbers.

(– Source: MSN
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Job searchers on LinkedIn should prepare for the platform to lean even more into AI features for job hunting. LinkedIn announced new AI features can assist with tailoring a pre-existing resume to fit a specific job application and even writing a personalized cover letter.

As more and more AI features are released, not just on LinkedIn, but on many platforms, it’s looking like this is something that both job hunters and hiring managers will have to get used to. With LinkedIn’s AI features specifically, the platform hopes to help businesses have an easier time finding non-traditional talent to fill their open roles.

(–Source: Inc.
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Tesla shareholders have started suing Elon Musk over his decision to start a new AI company known as xAI which he will use talents from Tesla to support. Shareholders say that xAI is a competitor to Tesla and are asking that Musk remove his stake in xAI and transfer it back over to Tesla. This lawsuit comes just days after another lawsuit was filed against Musk relating to his selling of stock using insider information that made him billions of dollars.

Read More: Tesla shareholders sue Musk for starting competing AI company | TechCrunch )

That’s another week of tech news completed! AI continues to be a hot topic in the tech community, whether you love it or hate it. Check back in next week as we review more exciting tech news!  

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