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This Week In Tech News | May 31, 2024

this week in tech news may 31 2024

It’s already the end of May and it just feels right that we’re wrapping up this month on a Friday after a 4-day week thanks to the Monday holiday. With Spring coming to an end, there has been no shortage of tech-related news this month, both good and bad, as innovators try to roll out new and exciting products and software for the quickly approaching Summer season.  
With that said, let’s take a look at new developments in the tech scene from this week, the week of May 26th – 31st. 
pcTattletale, a consumer-grade spyware app, was targeted by a hacker who published all of the company’s internal data on it’s own public website. The message left by the hacker claimed that they had successfully hacked the servers where pcTattletale’s operations were stored. Following this data leak, the founder of pcTattletale has stated the company is now “out of business and completely done.” When in operation, pcTattletale had openly advertised its ability to perform the illegal activity of spying on spouses without their consent.  
(– Source: TechCrunch 
Read More: Spyware maker pcTattletale says it’s ‘out of business’ and shuts down after data breach | TechCrunch ) 
Incarcerated women at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women are using Meta Quest to prepare for life after prison by using virtual reality in a partnership program with Vehicles for Change, a non-profit organization in Baltimore. This program, which is still in the early stages with groups of trainees, aims to ensure that incarcerated people will have a path to well-paying jobs once released by undergoing virtual reality trainings while in prison.  
(– Source: MSN 
Read More: Prisoners are using VR to prepare them for life after release ( ) 
Now for the big story of the week… 
Google’s new AI Overview has been giving customers incorrect, and just plain bizarre, information at the top of Google search results. From putting glue on pizza and eating rocks, to conspiratorial and dangerous answers, something is definitely not right with this new AI tool as it’s spewing an amalgamation of information from unreliable sources. It seems that Google has been manually removing the absurd answers that have gained the most attention from customers while they work on finding a solution to fix the AI. As Google continues to work on resolving the issue, the question arises of whether they’ll solve the core problems with this feature or have to remove it altogether. 
(– Source: Yahoo! Tech 
Read More: Google Caught Manually Taking Down Bizarre AI Answers ( ) 
As we close out this week and bid farewell to May, the tech landscape has once again proven its capacity for both innovation and controversy. Stay tuned for more updates on the tech front as we venture into June! 

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