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This Week In Tech News | May 24, 2024

this week in tech news

Welcome to our weekly tech news roundup! Once a short social media post, now brought to you in new and improved blog form. From the unveiling of cutting-edge gadgets and technology to the latest advancements in AI and beyond, join us every Friday morning as we explore the amazing, sometimes chaotic, and ever-evolving landscape of tech news.

Kick back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and catch up on tech news from the week of May 19th – May 25th. 

X (formerly Twitter) now has all core systems on almost a full year after the site’s rebrand. This means that typing into your browser should now redirect you to Phishing attacks relating to X (formerly Twitter) have run rampant during the ongoing transition during the past year, especially with bot accounts taking over the platform.

(– Sources: MSN
Read More: Twitter is officially now (

Does your company use Slack as a communication tool? Your data could be at risk! Slack has been found to be using your messages and files to train its AI. While Slack says that it’s not meant to memorize or reproduce customer data, users are still skeptical because of the difference between Slack’s statements and what the policy says.
Opting out of Slack’s ability to use your data to train its AI isn’t as simple as clicking a button or unchecking a box, as you have to email Slack with a request to be opted out. This has left many users feeling uneasy.

(–Source: TechCrunch
Read More: Watch: Slack may be training its AI off of your messages ( ) 

 TikTok is planning to execute “significant layoffs” amid pressure to become more profitable and the lingering threat of a ban in the US if ByteDance doesn’t sell the social media platform soon. These layoffs will primarily affect those in marketing, content, and operations.

(– Source: LinkedIn News
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Concert ticket pricing and fees have risen astronomically over the years on Ticketmaster, leaving many fans disappointed and unable to afford live events. This could soon see a resolution as the US government introduces a groundbreaking lawsuit that could alter the way concertgoers pay for tickets.

The United States Department of Justice, along with the backing of 30 state and district attorneys, is aiming to break up Ticketmaster and Live Nation with an antitrust lawsuit which accuses the ticketing giant of abusing its monopoly over the industry which poses an unfair advantage over competitors and harms fans nationwide. This lawsuit comes after months of investigation that followed the 2022 incident of the site’s crash during Taylor Swift’s “Era’s” Tour ticketing, which brought to light how Ticketmaster’s lack of competition is harming fans with its price hikes and poor customer service as there is often no other choice when it comes to ticketsellers.

(– Source: The Verge
Read More: USA v. Live Nation-Ticketmaster: all the news on the lawsuit that could take down a giant – The Verge )

Social Media and AI and lawsuits – oh my! As we wrap up another week in the realm of tech news, it’s clear that the landscape is as dynamic as ever, with both excitement and concerns on the horizon that will continue to shape our digital experiences. Check back at the same time next week for another weekly tech news roundup!

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