Ten Things About Windows 10

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Our philosophy when Microsoft releases a new operating system is simple…WAIT! For any business a new operating system upon release may not fully integrate with all your applications and is likely to cause problems for your users. The last thing you want to do in your company is to disrupt computing for your staff causing frustration and drops in productivity. We advise our clients to wait until the industry can catch up to the new OS.  Microsoft will also come out with patches and updates to resolve common issues that tend to pop up after the new OS is released. We also recommend testing the new OS on a few users within your organization before upgrading your entire company in order to expose any issues and hopefully find workarounds or fixes. There’s no reason to take the risk of introducing problems if they don’t currently exist. That being said…some companies want to be on the latest and greatest technology at all times and are not willing to wait. For those companies already implementing Windows 10, here is a good article I found on ten things you need to know about Windows 10…

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