Is Your Technology Hurting Your Non-Profit?

Like it or not, technology is the backbone of your mission, especially as a nonprofit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a food bank, an animal rescue organization, the United Way or a community care clinic. You need technology to run, and you need your technology to work reliably, quickly and securely. Board members, donors and employees have different technology needs, but share the same common goal:

  • Compliance with regulations (HIPAA, PCI, fiduciary audits)
  • Secure access to systems from anywhere
  • A mobile workforce
  • Information Privacy
  • Technology isn’t slowing down their ability to meet their mission

With so many people counting on you, you can’t afford an IT infrastructure that is slow, insecure or unable to meet your most basic needs.

An experienced managed service provider like Applied Tech can work with your organization to understand exactly what you need and implement proactive support and technology solutions that get the job done at a fraction of what you might otherwise pay.  As you serve the community and advance your cause, we help ensure your technology is secure and working towards your highest goals.

Here are a few examples that demonstrate how an IT partner who understands nonprofit organizations and provides the right technology can make all the difference to you meeting:

Email migration – A common problem that’s seen is when nonprofits have physical email servers onsite.  In particular, when there are parent or partner organizations, there are multiple email servers and domains, and it makes communication slow and cumbersome.  Without the specific tools, knowledge or time to address these inconsistencies, it becomes practically impossible to dig out of that situation your own.

We recently addressed this with a local client and saved them a lot of money in the process. We consolidated multiple email domains into a single Office365 tenant. This allowed users to share emails back and forth seamlessly, communicate through instant messaging and see real-time availability of other staff members.  it reduced their expenses because supporting multiple servers onsite was no longer necessary.  It moved to an easy, single monthly expense. Their uptime was dramatically increased and their internal staff was freed of trying to manage their email servers.

Mobile application management – Recently, a healthcare nonprofit approached Applied Tech. Being subject to strict HIPAA regulations that dictate how they secure Protected Health Information (PHI) in files, emails and communications. While this healthcare provider was compliant in some areas, they lacked the tools or expertise to know how to stay compliant using mobile communication and emails, which was critical to their mission. They didn’t have a good way of identifying what mobile applications connected to their network.

Applied Tech implemented a mobile application management solution, which included things like multi-factor authentication capabilities, which provided for HIPAA compliance and the ability to communicate remotely. All the organization’s documents are now secure, mobile devices are safely used and PHI was protected. Now, they can enroll employees into their mobile application management solution and have better control over their mobility, security and compliance with HIPAA.

With technology evolving at a rapid pace, an IT partner experienced with nonprofits can help you make an even bigger impact in your community. Plus, as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, you may be entitled to steeply reduced costs on secure enterprise Microsoft solutions. At Applied Tech, we can help you apply for the discounts.

Don’t let your technology keep dragging down your ability to fulfill your mission. Contact Applied Tech today and learn how affordable the best solutions are for your organization.

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