Applied Tech Lends a Helping Hand to Second Harvest Foodbank

Second Harvest Foodbank is a local non-profit with the mission to fight hunger for our communities throughout southern Wisconsin. With 1 of 6 children in southern Wisconsin facing a hunger crisis on a daily basis, Second Harvest Foodbank is doing all they can to provide meals for hungry children and adults alike. Since 1986 Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin has put more than 100 million meals on the tables of people facing hunger. Applied Tech decided it was their turn to lend a helping hand.

In July, Applied Tech sent their group of volunteers out for the day and got to work putting together meals for the hungry. All together, Applied Tech’s group put together a whopping 2,248 meals!

Applied Tech COO Daniel Petersen was glad his team could help make a difference,

“1 in 9 people living in southwestern Wisconsin face hunger and Second Harvest Foodbank works every day to bring that number to zero.  It is a profoundly humbling experience to volunteer at their facility and work alongside their dedicated team packaging meals for those who need it most.  All of us working together make a real impact and I’m looking forward to the day Second Harvest Foodbank achieves their mission of ending hunger in southwestern Wisconsin!”

It was a very successful day but the work is not even close to done yet. Second Harvest is always in need for volunteers, food, funding and time. Are you looking for a way to give back to your community and help hungry mouths in your community? Learn how you can get involved with Second Harvest Foodbank here!

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