Email to our customers on May 29, 2020

Summer finally feels as though it has arrived, right? We hope you all had a chance to enjoy an extended weekend with some much-needed outdoor time and activity.

The economic loosening throughout the state is continuing as many state officials also warn about tightening up our hygiene practices – physical distancing and face masks – to prevent the possibility of another lockdown. A recent WisEye interview between the Dane and Waukesha county execs provided a (welcomed!) cordial airing of their different perspectives on how to achieve the same outcome we all want – a return to some kind of economic normal.

This past week, public health officials from Madison and Dane County spoke with the Madison Chamber about the Forward Dane plan. We have included links (below) to the numerous resources they are making available to Dane County businesses.

We are seeing more of our customers slowly return to their office environments, or at least begin preparations to do so.  As we noted a few weeks back, please contact your Strategic Account Manager (SAM) when you begin discussions about returning to the office. Our goal is to be ready to support you in that effort when you need us.

Down and Out(age)

A number of our customers experienced internet outages with Spectrum and CenturyLink over the past several weeks. In fact, Spectrum was #1 on the charts according to site outage tracker, Downdetector. You can report outages of your key services or view their geographical heat maps of reported outages in your area.

With so many people working from home and the inequitable availability of broadband internet, this may become a more common occurrence. If you have staff that cannot afford to be offline, you may want to consider getting them a mobile hotspot. Considering the strength of current 4G and emerging 5G technologies, these could be a nice supplement to already slower home networks with 2 working spouses and kids going to school online or provide basic online availability in an outage situation.

Safer at Home?

While we may be physically safer at home, our digital selves are at higher risk outside of the office. We have seen a large spike in compromised accounts the past few weeks with hackers creating all sorts of malicious mayhem. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for O365 is by far the single most effective step you can take to protect your accounts.

It’s also a cautionary reminder to create strong passwords. And if your company still has a regular update policy (e.g., 90 days), please urge your team to update their passwords right away when those reminders pop up on their machines to reduce downtime when they inevitably get locked out. This is a common help desk request for us – easy to fix but an avoidable loss of productivity for your business.

One of the latest ransomware agents to emerge the past few weeks is a variant or copycat of  MedusaLocker that appeared last fall.  It can install and skirt basic anti-virus detection when computers are booted up in safe mode. Once installed, it can effectively encrypt all the files on a victim’s computer. This should be a high priority for AV providers to quickly plug this gap. Those customers with our TechCare 360 Security package should already have sufficient protection.

Barracuda Networks issued a new report about the dramatic rise of Google-branded cyberattacks. These phishing attacks have become increasingly sophisticated in their design and messaging to trick people to hand over their credentials. MFA and Advanced Threat Protection tools can significantly mitigate this risk.

Making the Pivot

Food Fight Restaurant Group is among many food service retailers in the country working to stay open by creating Breakfast and Lunch Care Packages for our frontline workers in all areas of the economy. Thank those in your community with some great eats!

How has your business had to pivot to seize new opportunities? Let us know and we’ll share it.

This weekend promises to be another pleasant one in Wisconsin – take in as much as you can with those close to you.  And let us know your plans to return to work so we can help make it a smooth transition.

Stay well,

The Applied Tech Team





Forward Dane Plan: Forward Dane plan

Phase 1 orders: Dane County Orders #3





Eye Protection:

Cloth Face Covering for Public:

Cloth Face Covering for Workers:

Glove Use:

PPE Resources:


Social Distancing Guidance:

Social Distancing Poster


Employee Illness Agreement:

Employee Exposed or Ill Guidance for Essential non Health care workers:



Curbside Pickup Best Practices:

Water Quality and Your Business:

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