Platte River Networks Earns Best Places to Work from Denver Business Journal for 3rd Year in a Row

June 16th Denver, Denver Businesses Journal wrote, “It’s the small things that count at Platte River Networks. The IT company offers plenty of big benefits, including a match on 401(k) plans; health, dental and vision insurance; and four weeks of personal time off.”

At Platte River Networks, we work hard for our clients which means keeping employees happy is management’s top concern.

“People are consuming technology at an extremely high rate these days, which means we all work at odd hours to serve our clients,” said Treve Suazo, partner and CEO. “We want our employees to take time for themselves and to actually clock out, because when we’re working, we never really clock out.”

After the move to Washington Street, one of the first things we built was an onsite gym, lockers and healthy snack options in the cafeteria. Beyond day to day work, our company outings and sponsored events, like attending opening day for the Rockies, help to keep the widespread team connected.

“We tried to make this a place where employees didn’t have to worry about benefits, but it doesn’t seem to be the driving factor for them,” Suazo said.

Instead, employees appreciate the small perks: An Amazon gift card to recognize great performance, a casual check-in by a manager or publicly recognizing an employee’s strengths. Since Treve and Brent Allshouse, our CFO, have technical backgrounds, they jump in to help out their staff whenever possible. “They really respect us when we say we’ll work the floor with them,” Brent said.

“The biggest reward for creating a great workplace is employee retention,” Suazo said. To help find and retain the best talent, Platte River focuses on its core values of “building an awesome company with awesome people and having awesome relationships,” according to Suazo. “I spend more time with employees than I do with my own family in some respects,” he added, “so it’s important that we have fun while we do this.”

We are planning to double in size over the next five years, and having experienced staff to guide new hires benefits clients.

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