On the Road Again: Mobility and Our Future

How does this number grab you?


That was the estimated number of mobile devices on the Earth last month.

That’s right: more devices than people (now estimated at 7.5 billion). In fact, the number of devices surpassed the number of humans back in 2014.


But the number of devices is growing faster than the birth rate — not even counting what happens when the Internet of Things takes off.

Recent research shows that mobile phones now consume 58 percent of our screen minutes, while the humble PC is down to 33 percent of screen time.

The vast majority of the growth has also come from smartphones, with smartphone usage up 80% compared to 2013. Desktop usage is actually down 11% compared to 2015 (though up 3% compared to 2013).

“Mobile has grown so fast that it’s now the leading digital platform,” according to a recent press release from research by ComScore. “Total activity on smartphones and tablets accounts for two-thirds of digital media time spent, and smartphone apps alone now capture roughly half of digital media time.”

“With desktop engagement finally in decline, it is now losing share to mobile at a rapid rate,” comScore says. “The convenience of smartphones and tablet devices, and the innovation around mobile apps, have completely shifted the digital media landscape in favor of mobile.”

The report also notes: “Smartphone apps have become the primary access vehicle to the internet, representing half of total digital media time spent.” Despite claims that the app revolution is over, ComScore found apps account for three out of every four minutes on mobile.


So what?

Well it means every business should be re-thinking how it does business internally and how it handles its customers and their buying and spending practices.

Do you have a plan for this revolution? The experts at Applied Tech are experienced and skilled at crafting technology solutions that fit your business. Don’t look for out-of-the-box answers. We can customize systems that can help you work more efficiently while protecting your security and improving your bottom line.

Don’t be the last PC on Earth. Give us a call to get you on the road to success.

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