Are you Getting ROI out of Office 365? Answer These 5 Questions to Find Out

As an executive or business owner, one of your primary objectives is to increase efficiency and streamline internal processes to improve profitability.

At the center of increased efficiency and streamlined processes lies one thing – your technology. There is one technology and data platform that can deliver increased efficiency and streamlined organizational processes – a tool you may already have in place – Office 365.

Yet, despite its rampant popularity (as of October 2017, Office 365 had reached 120 million monthly active users), most people using Office 365 for business are barely using 10% of its capabilities. In fact, only 22% of Office 365 users are considered active – which is defined as using at least one (of the many) applications offered through Office 365.

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Are you getting the most ROI from your Office 365? Answer these 5 questions to find out:

1. Do you currently have Office 365 installed?

A. Yes

B. Not sure

C. No

2. How many of the features are you utilizing?

A. We use 50% of the features

B. We only use the basic features like Outlook and the Office Suite (Word, Excel, Etc.)

C. We don’t yet have it but know we need to invest

3. How comfortable do you feel with the platform?

A. Pretty comfortable but know we can use more tools

B. I’ve only glanced at my browser-based dashboard and head straight to Mail or Calendar

C. There’s a dashboard?

4. Have you researched tools you want to begin using?

A. Yes, and we’ve started using some of them, but I’m worried I’m doing it wrong

B. Not really, but I feel anxious when I see all the tools I know I’m not using

C. Only Office 365 itself…

5. How would you describe Office 365?

A. A powerful cloud-based software bundle that can drive most of my company’s operations

B. As an email platform, oh and it also has Word and Excel, right?

C. It’s from Microsoft, I know that much

Mostly A’s:

If you answered with mostly A’s then you’re likely on the right path to getting maximum ROI out of your Office 365 software package. However, you would benefit from guidance on application selection criteria, implementation and training.

Mostly B’s:

If you answered mostly B’s then you’ve at least made the initial step of investing in Office 365, but you’re leaving so many valuable tools on the table. It’s time to dive in with the guidance of a trusted technology partner, and start using Office 365 the way it is meant to be.

Mostly C’s:

If you answered mostly C’s then you are behind the curve on investing in high-powered, user-friendly technology. You should speak with an IT provider immediately to see if moving to Office 365 is right for your business.

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