When it comes to updates for O365, it’s like CRACKER JACK®: a surprise in every box!




Every time you open your suite of services, you can find updates, new features and improvements to make your work easier, faster and better.


August is no exception. A slew of enhancements on mobility, productivity and security are now in place for Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based solution for the modern workplace.


Check out the Starbucks app (for improved in-person networking) and the changes for easier connection with the O365 network. Learn how to get free hi-def Skype  with all the tools like IM, whiteboard and Powerpoint. The policy tips on data protection are worth the review by themselves.




Do you have a few minutes? That’s all it takes to get more than nine new tips and information on using O365. Watch it on You Tube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g1OZCY1BaA&list=PLXPr7gfUMmKwn422HmCx7b7D5qh9T6frb&index=1


Or read it for yourself. You can find the complete transcript with links to all content at http://spo.ms/o365updateresources.


If you want to see the improvements since last year, check out this site for a compilation:



Best of all, you can have an impact. Microsoft is always asking for any ideas to improve O365. Just click on the site and send them your idea to make O365 a more valuable and important business tool.


And be sure to watch this blog each month for highlights that might be useful to you.

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