What’s New in O365 from September

It’s a new month and you have a lot of additions to your O365 service that you probably didn’t even know have been tucked away in this remarkably dynamic system. But each one is guaranteed to help you work faster, easier and better.
Here are a few:

– Outlook has an update that lets you put all mail into “Focused” or “Other.” Those emails from your boss? They’ll go into Focused so you can answer quickly. Add to it so you get your most important emails into the queue for answering, while the rest wait. Sound like the Clutter function? A bit, but more refined and improved and saves you clicks.

– Need a quick image or picture to enhance a presentation? Pickit let’s you choose royalty free images to spice things up and keep those sales meetings spritely.

-Modern SharePoint lists have a new interface to let you use them on any device. They are also easier to use for sorting and filtering, plus allow you to automate simple processes. Check out how they integrate with Microsoft Flow and other apps.

– Want to be sure that tasks assigned in an email are noticed by the right people? A new @mention tool highlights names in emails so they can’t be missed.
– Yammer, the enterprise social network tool, has also been updated, streamlined and integrated for more granular control. Check it out.

– Finally, some security analytics and dashboard for service assurance has been added. Learn how they can help give you a dashboard and audit for your data control, compliance and safeguard 24/7.
All of this and more is available in a short YouTube video:


By the way, you gotta’ love Jim Naroski, the presenter.
I can’t wait for his updates on all the new bells and whistles that are added to O365 each month. His easy delivery and measured pace gets me quickly and efficiently through the amazing changes that come with my O365 service.
So don’t wait for my compilation each month. Follow him yourself and be the first in the know.

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