During the recently completed four-day extravaganza of MPC2016 in Toronto, Microsoft showed off their new toys, future tech and gave us information about projected trends. The greatest lesson: the cloud is no longer looming. It is directly overhead.

According to IDC research, cloud spending will exceed $500B by 2020, and nearly 80 percent of companies are already deploying or fully embracing cloud technology today. Those numbers are only expected to grow. The cloud has passed the point of a trend in society. It is now the new norm that we must transition into.

Applied Tech can guide you in your transition. No one likes changes, especially when those changes put extra stress into your already stressful days and careers. But none of us can afford to be a step behind either, because when it comes to tech, a step behind leaves your competitors ahead.

IDC research has also shown that while fewer than 10 percent of customers surveyed have reached the top level of cloud maturity today, 45% expect to be there in 2 years.

Will you be one of those on top?

Applied Tech can get you there and keep you there.

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