Managed IT services vs Cloud Services: Which is right for your business?

Managed IT services and cloud services are often used interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing.

While cloud services are software offerings managed by vendors and delivered to customers on demand, managed IT service providers typically provide the cloud platform on which their service is delivered as part of their service. Cloud services generally include vendor management of application, data, and platform services, but usually don’t include management of the customer workload itself.

Cloud computing defined

Cloud computing is the network of servers hosted on the internet to manage and process data.

Storage, databases, software, and analytics are stored and processed over the internet in a vast “cloud” of networking and processing power that gives you access to all their information without downloading it onto your personal computer.

Email, streaming movies and music, photo storage—we’re all using cloud computing constantly.

Types of cloud computing

Not all clouds are the same, so it’s important to identify which type of cloud computing is right for you.

In order to decide how to implement your cloud services, you must first determine which type of cloud computing architecture is right for your organization.

There are three ways you can deploy cloud services: by using a public cloud, setting up your own private cloud, or combining the two approaches.

Public cloud

Public clouds are owned and operated by third-party companies that provide computing, storage and other resources over the Internet.

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud. With this model, the hardware, software and other infrastructure are owned by Microsoft; you can access these services from anywhere using a web browser.

Private cloud

A private cloud is a collection of computing resources dedicated to serving only one company.

Private clouds can be hosted by a company on its own premises or in a third-party datacenter. Private cloud services are hosted on private networks.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid clouds are a combination of public and private cloud computing, made possible by technology that allows data and applications to move between them.

By allowing data and applications to move between private and public clouds, a hybrid cloud can help your business by giving you greater flexibility in deployment options as well as optimizing existing infrastructure.

Managed IT service defined

Managed IT Service providers (like Platte River Networks) take over many tasks that would otherwise need to be done in-house, such as maintaining systems and infrastructure.

With a managed IT service provider, you can still reap the benefits of cloud computing—such as flexibility and scalability. These providers can also help you migrate your business to the cloud and maintain its ecosystem once it’s onboard.

A managed service provider offers 24/7 security monitoring and business IT support. With a MSP, you can focus on running your company while outsourcing its technical challenges to someone else.

Which is right for your business? MSP or Cloud Computing

The major difference between a cloud service provider and an IT managed service lies in what is being offered.

Both services enable your business to move its data into the cloud, update all of that information in real-time, and sync seamlessly with other members on your team.

But just because your IT resources are on the cloud, that doesn’t mean you can effectively manage those resources without help from an outside source.

A managed service provider will help you with all aspects of your company’s IT needs – from maintaining the hardware to securing it against threats.

As your managed IT Services provider, Platte River Networks can manage your cloud services such as M365, Azure, and any industry specific cloud applications. Please email if you have any questions about managed IT services or Cloud Services.

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