It’s Hot Out! Help Your Computer Beat the Heat

Happy first day of summer! As temps reach the 100 degree mark here in Denver all of us are finding every way possible to stay cool, but don’t forget about your electronics, they need a little TLC when it comes to the heat. Hard drives usually operate up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 Celsius) and spin between 7,000-10,000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). That’s a lot of work for equipment that we rely on every single day. Here are a couple tips to help keep your electronic friends cool and happy:

  • Cooling – Make sure you blow out the dust and from the case and fans, this will help the fan circulate air and will keep it spinning freely.
  • Keep the Space Open – Make sure your computer has room to breath! Keep it as low as possible as heat rises. Also leave space between any walls and obstructions for maximum circulation.
  • Ventilation  – It’s always a good idea to have ventilation wherever the computer or laptop lives. Cross ventilation from windows or fans will help keep air moving.
  • Air Conditioning – If you can turn on the AC, even on low, it will help keep things cool. Including you!
  • Power it Down – If you are not using your equipment, turn it off. Not only will it keep it cool, it will also save you money.
  • Proper Power Setting – Adjust your power settings for optimum conditions. After X amount of time your screen and hard disks should be turned off if not in use.

We hope these tips keep your computer happy as you enjoy these upcoming Dog Days of Summer!

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