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Every year, Coloradans have a chance to elevate the businesses they love through the ColoradoBiz Best of Colorado Business Choice Awards. Last year, Platte River Networks was the runner up for the Best IT Provider in Colorado, and this year, it’s our hope to take home the top prize. If our customers and fans fill out the brief survey, which takes less than five minutes, there’s a good chance that their votes will help propel the businesses they love into an award-winning spot.

This year, we’ve won a variety of awards that include:


Importance of Cyber Security

2019 has been an important year for cybersecurity. Having the right mix of IT support and security helps businesses decrease the risks associated with IT, so that they can focus on the opportunities that help them grow. We are honored that Denver businesses continue to consider us a trusted partner in that process. Their success is our success.

Platte River Networks has been honored to be among the top IT service providers in the Denver area for the last 15 years because businesses consistently choose us when they need better IT support. Businesses go through ups and downs as they strive to provide customers with the services and products they need, but often, the best businesses rise to the top. We help our customers weather the hard times so they come out ahead, stronger than before.

How Platte River Networks Succeeds

Platte River Networks was created by two dedicated IT professionals who had a simple and unique vision, “How would you like to be treated both as a company and as an individual?” Whether you are the provider, customer, co-worker, employer, partner, vendor or friend. From that one question a company was born focusing on honesty, integrity, teamwork and motivation.

Platte River Networks developed Intuition Security+ for their 100+ managed services customers to help protect them from the growing cyber threat landscape. Security remains the top concern for business owners today and Intuition Security+ greatly improves a company’s security posture helping protect their employees, data, and assets.

Beyond business technology solutions, our Denver local staff provides the best customer experience possible. The founding partners have established a healthy vibrant environment focusing on the customer with a commitment to quality, working as a team, and doing what it takes by actively listening to each other and our customers. We embrace and drive change while making it fun and remembering the importance of a life and work balance.


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